The Effects of Risk on Your Retirement Accounts.

You begin with          And it goes down           Your balance is           You then need             Just to be even

​    $100,000                            20%                            $80,000                         25.0%                         $100,000 

    $100,000                             25%                            $75,000                         33.3%                         $100,000   

    $100,000                            35%                             $65,000                         53.8%                         $100,000

    $100,000                             40%                            $60,000                         66.7%                          $100,000

    $100,000                             45%                            $55,000                         81.8%                          $100,000


Howard J. Mammano & John S. Rogers

Retirement Income

We will help you to solve your retirement puzzle.

Our mission is to help you to coordinate your expenses and all your income sources. Social Security, IRA's, 401k's, 403b's, TDA's, TPA's, CD's, atc., they are all interconnected. What you do with one area can have an affect on the others and your lifestyle. Hope is not a strategy.

Do you have a plan to manage risk in retirement?

Today, planning for your retirement has changed. Pension plans are quickly disappearing. In addition the volatility in the stock market has many consumers very uncomfortable.

According to a recent Gallop poll, nearly 60% of Americans are concerned about running out of money in the future. More people are worried about lack of retirement funds than they are about other financial areas including healthcare costs and mortgage payments.

It is now more essential than ever for you to take control of your retirement income and expenses in order to have the lifestyle that you have worked so hard for. 

S&P 500 Daily Index

People are tired of theories, guesswork even past performance. They want and need certainty and guarantees.

In the last 15 years when the Stock Market has dropped on average over 50% it has taken about 5 years just to be back to even.

Problem # 1. What if you were starting your retirement then?

Problem # 2. What if you started with drawing money at that time?

​Problem # 3. When will it happen again?

As CNN Money warns retirees, "Down years in the market will have a double-whammy effect. Not only does your portfolio lose value because of negative returns, it also shrinks because of your withdrawals. This means you have less capital to benefit from a market rebound. Which means less chance to recoup losses."

CNN Money also states that you have to plan on increasing the amount you withdraw from your assets if prices rise. Which they will because they always do.

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