Leaving a Legacy

Howard J. Mammano & John S. Rogers

Leaving a Legacy / Estate Planning is the process of mapping out how you want your personal and financial matters to be handled during periods of incapacity or at your death.

Everyone needs an estate plan.

  • Estate planning is not just for the wealthy, in fact it can actually be more important for smaller estates.
  • Planning allows you to make sure that loved ones will be provided for and not overly burdened by personal and financial matters.
  • An estate plan makes clear your wishes, and can help prevent family disputes.
  • Avoid disinheriting children or grandchildren by mistake.
  • Think about the impact that your sudden incapacity might have. It could devastate your family, exhaust your savings and undermine your financial, tax and estate planning strategies.
  • Gifting to Charities using IRA's, assets and life insurance.
  • Final Expense - it's uncomfortable to talk about  funeral expenses but it requires planning too.

Together with you, your family and our team of Elder Care - Estate Planning attorneys we will help you to achieve peace of mind regarding these important issues. 

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For more helpful information get your copy of "Why Estate Planning".